The CitySpotz Affiliate Program

Simply sign up business people you know or meet to CitySpotz – without further registration – and, as a thank-you, earn attractive commissions.

What better way is there to generate a substantial income from referrals and sales, than by helping people grow in business and gain much needed exposure on the web. We’ll make it easy for you to present the package to an unlimited amount of leads, as well as those you may know or meet to close the deal.

If you have any questions concerning the program, give us a call at (888) 641-3075  or send us an email: [email protected]

How it works…

Online Registration:

First, you must be a CitySpotz Paid Subscriber. Once you have chosen a Standard or Standard Plus Package, you will automatically be eligible to resell our services. You can upgrade from a “Free Listing” at anytime to take advantage of the program.

Next… Go to the “plans and pricing” page and choose a package for eligible friends and business partners. When filling in the customer data, use the information provided by the prospective subscriber. When completing the form, use your listing name or the email address associated with your account in the Affiliate Representative field.

Our tracking system will assign the sale to your account and guarantee that you receive your commission payment automatically. You can view each submission and commission by logging in to your account and selecting the affiliate program link from the list.

Register By Telephone:

Call and order for your business leads and partners, or let them call and order directly via our toll free phone number (888) 641 – 3075. The business prospect must mention your Affiliate ID. When they order service, you’ll get a commission.

Affiliate Domain Forwarding:

If you have unused domains or subdomains, simply forward them to and easily earn commission with our Referral Program. All visitors coming to your domain, are automatically redirected to the CitySpotz website. Each time one of these visitors order our products, CitySpotz will credit your account with the relevant commission. Please note that your domain will be used exclusively for forwarding and will therefore be ‘parked’ until you use it for something else.

How to forward your domain to CitySpotz:

  1. In your Hosting Control Panel go to Domains > Manage domains.
  2. In the Domain Overview, select the domain(s) that you would like to use for the Affiliate Program.
  3. Enter our domain name there “”
  4. Click on OK.
  5. Your domain should start forwarding immediately.
  6. If you need assistance, please let us know.

Affiliate Commissions:

Attractive commissions are available for every registered Affiliate. We pay up to 30% for each successful transaction. These rates apply to all products and services currently offered by Each listing is considered one location and includes both monthly and annual Subscriptions.  To see how much money you can earn, please download the Affiliate PDF to view all current products, promotions and commissions.

CitySpotz Affiliate Commissions

Don’t have the Adobe PDF Reader? Click “here” to download.

 Program Terms:

For each product shown in the table, the registered CitySpotz Affiliate will receive the associated commission. For an Affiliate to be eligible for the commission payout, the new customer contract needs to be activated. The Affiliate will typically receive their commission 21 days after their potential subscriber activates the product package. Please note, however, that you will not be paid your commission if the plan is cancelled by the subscriber during this 21-day period. The Affiliate will not receive a commission if the customer has been a paid but inactive subscriber with CitySpotz within the 3-month period prior to the new sign up. CitySpotz reserves the right to reclaim any commissions paid for products with a minimum term of less than 12 months. Affiliate can sign a customer to multiple subscriptions if they have more than one business or location. There is no limit to signing persons each month unless otherwise notified by CitySpotz due to Ad Space sales. For any package sold under a special offer, CitySpotz reserves the right to limit subscriptions and commissions to a maximum number per person each month – this applies even when the Affiliate has ordered products for his/ her own use. CitySpotz reserves the right to adjust the nature of Affiliate Commissions and the point at which they are paid for individual packages at any time, but not without notice.