Our Standard Visibility Marketing Profile is designed to introduce your company to search in a whole new way.

Through the CitySpotz Network, your business can generate more traffic and visibility with only a small investment to start. This package is great for a business with limited to no presence beyond social media. Get Immediate exposure and results online that will gain momentum over 12 months. We guarantee improved exposure for your business!

$65 per year

*Priced Per Location


Search & Mobile Powered Business Profile

Every business owner must come to understand that visibility is everything. However, traditional ways of getting exposure has become a thing of the past. With the constant advancement of technology and the use of so many new devices that are getting smarter every day, the consumer has changed the way they communicate and have to be reached in new ways. In search, millions of people are looking to make purchase decisions. The brands that win the consumer, are the ones that are found the easiest online.

Your CitySpotz Business Profile will help to establish and control your presence online by structuring an accurate snapshot of your offerings that search engines will readily index, accept and rank. A profile that mobile consumers find to be informative and easy to use.


Strengthen Your SEO

Having the right keywords associated with your brand and business profile makes it easier for your company to compete online by moving your listed search citations and websites higher in local search rankings.

More than 80% of consumers search online by keyword before making a buying decision. Make sure your business profile ranks higher, gets noticed, and generates more impressions, views and engagements that lead to more sales.


Broaden Your Reach

Being apart of the CitySpotz Network allows your business to be found in many places beyond your normal reach. Our uniquely designed Vortex system places your content strategically across the web to continuously promote your business every day to render you more opportunities to produce leads and increase sales.


Analytics & Stats

Don’t worry… There’s no need to wonder who is seeing your business and how well you are performing online every month, when you can easily access your monitoring tools for a quick snapshot of how many times your business, product and services are being viewed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Social Growth

Having a solid social presence can sometimes be overrated, but does have a significant importance. Social allows you to engage with people directly, target specific demographics and stay connected with a more personal touch. Nowadays, being active in social has also become a vital part of operating a successful business. Sharing products, services, promotions and other relevant information can also be helpful in keeping the lines of communication open between you and the consumer.

To help with maintaining good standings and keep you out front, we run a targeted ad campaign with your content to all Social Channels upon sign-up, and then to all Social Channels quarterly.

*More campaigns can be added at anytime for an additional fee.


Ratings & Reviews

It’s vital that a business protect their good name. Most consumers say they’ll only consider a business if they have an average rating of 3.5 – 5 stars.

Customer reviews have become very critical to the success of businesses online. Take control over customer feedback by making your ratings shine to increase your rankings and popularity in search and social.