Promotional Video

  1. Receive One custom business video per month.
  2. Can be used to promote products, events, services, etc.
  3. Submit Script or Idea. We do the rest!
  4. 15 second video clip
  5. Downloadable and publishable!
  6. HD Quality.

Billed $29.95 per 1 month

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If you ever thought about getting a video for your business, product, or event, now’s the time to boost your presence to a whole new level!

For $29.95 a month, our team of marketers will construct a custom 15 second video for you to post on CitySpotz, your Website, and any other Social Channel you use to promote your message.

This is what current trends are showing…

2016 was the year of the full-on video revolution. According to statistics, 61% of businesses have incorporated video as a primary marketing tool. 66% of these companies were not using video the year before. This trend has progressed rapidly and will reach new heights in 2017.

Undoubtedly, video marketing is not new. However, it’s the newest craze of small businesses looking for different ways to capture their audiences attention. The question is, can it really be worth the money to consider promoting your business or products in this way?

The answer is simply YES! It’s totally worth it!  And we have the tools and resources at our fingertips to make it simple and cost effective.

Here are 8 more reasons why:

  1. Videos boost conversions by 80%
  2. Videos strengthen ROI (Return On Investment)!
  3. Videos build trust when you provide useful information.
  4. Google loves videos!
  5. It Improves your rankings!
  6. Video appeals to Mobile Users!
  7. Videos present a better, stronger message!
  8. Videos stir up even the laziest consumers.
  9. Videos encourage social shares!


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